So my next series of blogs are going to be about using colour, texture and pattern to accentuate the good parts of our bodies and play down the not so good parts!

Before we can do this, we need to know what our body shape is.  At this stage you are probably all saying – I KNOW MY BODY SHAPE!  BUT, you will be surprised to know that of the thousands of women I have helped; at least half of them had their body shape wrong.  

The easMeasuring body shapeiest way to do this is to take a broom and get someone to hold the end of the handle against the back of your shoulder (see left). Make sure the broom handle is straight and then ask the person helping you to identify which category best describes you from the drawings below.  You can also do this with a piece of string with a weight on the end, held on the edge of your shoulder. Alternatively, lie on a large piece of paper and get someone to draw around your body!! Remember this is all happening from behind – hence the need for an  assistant.   

Now look at the illustrations of body shapes and matching descriptions below.


a)  Your hips are wider than your shoulder and are outside the line of the broom handle.  You clearly have a waist.

b)  Your hips are narrower than your shoulder and are inside the line of the broom handle.  You clearly have a waist.

c)  Your hips and shoulders are the same width.  You clearly have a waist.

d)  Your hips, shoulders and waist are the same width.  You are usually quite tall and willowy.

e)  Your hips and shoulders are the same width but your waist is wider and outside the line of the broom handle.

f)  Your hips are slightly wider than your shoulders, and you carry most of your weight around your tummy area.  You don’t have a waist.  Many ladies think they are this shape when in fact they are an hourglass because they have a well-defined waist.

Once you’ve worked out which of the above best describes you, you'll know which body shape you are.

Right, hold that thought until the next blog and I’ll be sharing my advice on how best to wear colour to suit your body shape. As always, I 'm happy to answer any questions - use the reply box below.

See you next time!

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