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Our final step is to make up the palette of colours that suit you. 

Following on from Part 2, you will now know which three colours suit you best. They will appear in the colour charts below, so from that you will be able to determine which season you are in.  You should be able to wear any combinations of colours in your season, but remember this is not an exact science and we are trying to do this from a blog!  Even in your colour palette there may be some colours that don’t suit you.

You can ask a friend to help, but remember, we do have a tendency to pick colours that we ourselves like  If you find it all too difficult, you can always book an appointment at the boutique and I’ll take you through the process one to one. 

Cool Complexion


Black, Blue Red & Royal Blue


Navy, Barbie Pink & Sky Blue

Warm Complexion


Orange, Lime Green & Brown


Coral, Mid-Violet & Stone/Beige


Winter Autumn


Summer Spring


A good starting point would be to find some scarves with colours from your palette and try wearing them, looking for comments, good or bad.  You'll soon see what looks good on you.

In these last three blogs you've learned what colours suit you.  In my next blog I'll  show you how you can use colours to change your body shape.  Yes, colour can make a difference to how you look!

I hope you've found this blog useful.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, either email me at or just reply to this blog.