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In these blogs I’m going to cover everything to do with personal style and how to make the most of yourself,
So let’s start with something that everyone can relate to – colour!  I’ve helped thousands of women find the colours that suit them, and which ones they should avoid.  It’s a very simple process and nothing to be afraid of.  You’ve just got to follow a few simple rules. 

To determine what colours will suit you, I use a palette of the four seasons.  For example, if cool colours suit you, you’ll be a Winter or Spring, and if your complexion is warm, you’ll be a Summer or Autumn, etc.
 A quick way of seeing which suits you best, is to compare your reflection in the mirror when you are holding a piece of gold or silver fabric around your neck.  Make sure you have good daylight, and do NOT wear any makeup.  Look for the tone of your skin and shading under the eyes.  You are actually looking for a healthy appearance, and one of the colours will suit your complexion the best.
It’s important that you don’t just choose the colour that you like best.  Watch for your face ‘disappearing’ into the colour rather that the other way around.   The colour should be complementing your own colouring and not dominating it in any way.  The eyes should ‘pop’ out of your face, and you may even notice your eyes changing to a slightly different colour.
Colour ChartsThis easy check will show you whether you have a cool or warm complexion and next time I’ll show you how to choose the right colours from a colour chart.  You can even use colour charts from paint manufacturers, like B&Q!
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