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What makes a Cream Rose Jacket Special!

The Cream Rose jacket collection is continually changing.  We never make more than three jackets of the same design in the same fabric, so you’ll always be confident that your outfit is unique. Each jacket is labelled with the number of designs that have been made in this fabric and colour so you'll know just how rare your purchase is!

Our jacket fabrics are always luxurious, chosen from the finest silks and laces, making them a delight for you to wear. Like the rest of the Cream Rose collection, they are made in the UK by our highly-skilled seamstresses. 

In keeping with our design concept, wherever possible we make the jackets reversible so that you can wear them on twice as many occasions, altering your look from one social event to the next. 

The design of the jacket flatters your silhouette and with so many lengths to choose from you can be certain to find the right one to complement your special outfit.